Hats off to…

..Well, let’s see…
It was only four gigs, but it took a lot of time and preparations to get the four of us together in the same rehearsal room. So we want to thank first of all those who were flexible and patient, who gave us the room we needed for maneuver, be it bosses, wives, family members, kids, janitors, friends, etc. A big thanks to you all.

The original idea for regrouping was sparked by some gig organizers and promoters, who convinced us that playing live again would be a good idea. Without these people there would be no shows. So here’s a big cheers to Johnny & Hammer Open Air, Janina & Hell’s Pleasure, Meistis & Jalometalli, and last but not the least, Doru & Dark Bombastic Evening. It was a pleasure to be your guest.

It was nice to meet many old (and new) fans from world over. We are seriously impressed by the efforts taken by some of our fans to see us. We sensed serious devotion. The welcome you gave was unforgettable. So, this big hail is for You!

With great pleasure we noted that there are many new and uncompromising young metal bands coming up. These bands showed us that there are still new and interesting ways to discover and play music. We wish them all the best. Likewise, we were honored play and meet with a bunch of other bands, and we want to thank all of them for being what they are.

Unholy’s procession of black doom ended in Transylvania. Hard to imagine a better place for a burial.

The hats are off to you.