As The Second Ring of Power reissue is out now, discography is updated. Also a black version of logo (looks better in light backgrounds) is added to Press-page.

Let’s make this official now: Unholy is preparing comeback to stages in upcoming summer. Seeking for suitable rehearsal place now, which seem to be quite hard job in Imatra district. Let’s hope the best.

The Second Ring of Power reissue is finished. Completely new cover arts and rare live DVD included! Album will be out in 17th October. You can pre-order it from here.

New section opened here in official website. Long awaited merchandise now available! Cool designs and wide range of assortment combined with uniquely high quality fabrics! What else can you expect from Unholy.

Official release date for Rapture is 20th June. You can pre-order album here

Compared to original version of Rapture, album now includes two live bonus tracks recorded in 1999.

From the Shadows and Gracefallen albums are out, with some new good looking cover arts packed in ultra fine super jewel cases. Gracefallen also includes a previously unreleased bonus track Gone.

Demo vinyls and history booklet are out, so HC-fans and collectors finally got what they have waited all these years.

Two albums release date is getting closer, 11th March is still valid. From The Shadows as well as Gracefallen has got new cover design, and Gracefallen will include one previously unrelesed bonus track called “Gone“.

But that’s not all, things are getting even more exciting! Rest two albums will be released during summer. Rapture will include two live-recorded bonus tracks and The Second Ring of Power will blow up your minds with completely new cover illustration and 45 minutes live DVD from 1994. DVD is not yet secured, because we’re still searching for someone to take DVD material to its final form (menus, authorization etc). If you’re interested in taking part in this project. please contact

Demo LP’s are officially available in March 7th 2011! Order your copies from Rusty Crowbar Records, Ahdistuksen Aihio or Northern Heritage.

In whole, this release includes all four demos and 32 page booklet that tells a complete story of Unholy. ‘Kill Jesus‘ and ‘Trip To Depressive Autumn‘ are in separate LP’s, and ‘Demo 11/90‘ and ‘Procession of Black Doom‘ in one double-LP. Hope you like this trip to early days of depressive doomsters. Cover art and songlists shown in discography. History booklet is based on interviews made in 2010, so they are offering a completely new perspective to what made Unholy as it was.

First two albums of re-issuing project will be debut album From The Shadows and the last one Gracefallen. Release dates confirmed by Peaceville for April 11th.

Re-issued albums will include previously unreleased studio and live bonus material, beginning with one studio recorded bonus track in Gracafallen. More is coming with Rapture and The Second Ring of Power. Unholy is currently seaching for DVD editing and authorizing capable person to make The Second Ring of Power bonus DVD. Interested persons, please contact press email.

New (extremely fine) artwork for The Second Ring of Power is now finished by Juha Vuorma.

Relapse will release From The Shadows t-shirt when contract details are agreed.

It is possible that some (amateur level) live video material will be included as bonus disc on new Second Ring of Power release, as part of new cover arts and whole new concept.

Rapture and Gracefallen are now in Peaceville’s release pipeline. No schedules made up yet. Next we’re starting to work with first two albums.

Merchandise things with Relapse have been delayed due to holidays, but should go forward very soon.

History booklet went thru editing. Layout designing should be started soon. LP-demos are ready to go to factory, just waiting for history booklet to get ready.

Juha Vuorma will start working with The Second Ring of Power cover artwork.

Rumours are taking Jarkko to Esoteric… That would be great thing for doom metal, and gets full support from other Unholy members, although it surely affects to rumours concerning the reborn of Unholy.